Reptiles of the Comores

The Comores host 27 species of reptile, of which no less than 14 species and a further 7sub-species are endemic. Most of the Comores' endemic reptiles are elusive forest skulkers; however, no visitor to the Comores will fail to be delighted by the brightly-coloured Phelsuma day-geckoes which adorn every wall and tree-trunk.

The westerly Comores lack amphibians altogther, whereas Mayotte boasts two species of frogs originating from Madagascar (Boophis tephraeomystax and Mantidactylus granulatus).

Phelsuma comorensis, a day gecko endemic to Grande Comore

Reptile Photo Gallery
Photos of many of the Comoro endemic snakes, geckos and skinks.

Summarised Reptile List of the Comores
With occurrence on each island of the archipelago indicated.

Herpetological Literature
A list of scientific and popular publications on the reptiles (and two amphibians) of the Comores.

Resources for Reptile-watchers
The only book currently to illustrate the reptiles (and two frogs!) of the Comores is Amphibians and Reptiles of Madagascar, the Mascarene, the Seychelles, and the Comoro Islands by Friedrich-Wilhelm Henkel, Wolfgang Schmidt, Michael Knothig (Translator), Friedrich-Wilhe Henkel, Hinrich Kaiser (Translator). This book is available from Amazon and other sources.

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