Fruit Bats & Other Mammals
of the Comores

Although few species of mammal occur on the archipelago, those that do occur are exceptionally noteworthy. Most famously, the Comores are home to the giant and endangered bat, Livingstone's Fruit Bat Pteropus livingstonii, which may be seen by visitors to Moheli and Anjouan.

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The Brown Lemur (Lemur fulvus mayottensis and L.f. mongoz) or "Maki" is particularly commonly on Mayotte. These highly social, fruit-eating and largely noctural primates are more widespread on Madagascar, although the Comoro animals belong to two endemic sub-species.

Unfortunately, a number of introduced mammals also occur on the archipelago. Among the more endearing is the Tenrec (Tenrec ecaudatus) of Madagascar, a small and spiny insectivore endemic to the Malagasy region and which is widely used as a food source.


The common fruit bat,
Pteropus seychellensis comorensis

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