Bird Photo & Sound Gallery:
Comoro Endemic Species & Sub-species

Photography and recordings by Marc Herremans
with contributions from Claire Spottiswoode and Jan Stevens

Please click on the thumbnails below to obtain full size images; click on the species name to hear the call.

Calls are in MP3 format and vary from about 40Kb to 110Kb in size.
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Comoro Blue Pigeon
Alectroenas sganzini
Lesser Vasa Parrot
Coracopsis nigra sibilans

Frances' Sparrowhawk
Accipiter francesiae griveaudi

(call is A.f. brutus)

(Comoro) Cuckoo-Roller
Leptosomus (discolor) gracilis
Karthala Scops Owl
Otus pauliani
Mohéli Scops Owl
Otus moheliensis
Comoro Thrush
Turdus comorensis
Comoro Bulbul
Hypsipetes parvirostris
Humblot's Flycatcher
Humblotia flavirostris
Mohéli Brush Warbler
Nesillas mariae
Grande Comore Brush Warbler
Nesillas brevicaudata
Common Stonechat
Saxicola torquata voelzkowi
Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone mutata voeltzkowiana
Madagascar Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone mutata pretiosa
(Comoro) Blue Vanga
Cyanolanius (madagascarinus) comorensis
(Comoro) Blue Vanga
Cyanolanius (madagascarinus) comorensis

Anjouan Sunbird
Necarinia comorensis

(Comoro) Green Sunbird
Nectarinia (notata) moebii
(Grande Comore)
Mayotte Sunbird
Nectarina coquereli
Humblot's Sunbird
Nectarinia humbloti
Comoro Fody
Foudia eminentissima
Kirk's White-eye
Zosterops (maderaspatana) kirki


Royal Museum for Central Africa, 2001
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