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The Comores are a superb archipelago of four volcanic and largely forested islands between East Africa and Madagascar. As an ecotourism destination, they have much to offer, including no less than sixteen spectacular bird endemics, colourful reptiles, and a stunning diversity of orchids, all set in rugged volcanic landscapes fringed by tropical beaches. The surrounding Indian Ocean waters offer fine diving, and are also renowned for harbouring Coelacanth.

This site aims to provide the prospective ecotraveller to the Comores with a host of resouces to help prepare a visit, as well as to provide a comprehensive listing of biological literature pertaining to the Comores. There are three main sections (click on each for a detailed map of pages):


An introduction to the fauna and flora of the Comores, including photo and sound galleries, checklists and research summaries and bibliographies for birds, reptiles, mammals, plants, invertebrates, and freshwater and marine fauna.
Includes Birding Comores, a special section on the Comores' endemic birds and where to see them.

Practical information for eco-travellers, including details of international access, internal transport, suggested accommodation, and contacts details of local eco-guides.

General Information & Links
An introduction to the history and culture of the Comores, and extensive listing of Comoro-related websites

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